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SA tech startup launches full-service funeral app

sa tech startup launches fullservice funeral app

Johannesburg-based tech startup has launched Sendoff , a full-service funeral app that provides a service that assists users in managing and arranging funerals.

In a press statement, Zolani Matebese, CEO of Sendoff explains that the app aims to assist those with have lost a loved one or friend in the

process of funerals.

The existing way that people arrange funerals is broken. We dont like to talk or even think about death. But what do you actually do when someone dies? Most people dont have any idea. Unfortunately, if you have just experienced a bereavement, it is the worst time to start finding out. Before sendoff, you would call and have to visit one or more funeral parlours in person, relive the trauma of the recent bereavement by explaining what has happened and what your wishes are, and be funnelled and pressure sold into whatever service made sense for the funeral parlour at that time. You never really know if youre doing all the right things, how to compare offerings for value and it is a vulnerable, scary and traumatic process.

Sendoff is an online app that digitises the entire experience of funerals and claims to be the world's first full-service digital funeral arranger.

Matebese explains that the easy-to-use app offers a variety of funeral-related services.

We built the Sendoff funeral app to digitize the entire process of arranging a funeral. From arranging for a loved one to be picked up from a home or hospital once they have passed on, to choosing a casket or urn, flowers, transport, catering, you can do everything via the app. The app also has checklists detailing all the steps needed to properly plan a funeral and links to our website with a wealth of data around how to do anything related to a funeral."

In addition, users are able to send flowers or groceries to bereaved family or friends via the app.

Losing a loved one is never easy and Sendoff has been guided by the principle of putting its users first, enabling users to focus on themselves and family and not the admin surrounding funerals.

Thabisile Sethaba, the COO of Sendoff explains that the tech startup has partnered with several funeral-related businesses to provide premier service to its users.

We work with a selection of fully vetted partners and use tried and tested project management principles to make sure the funeral service goes off without a hitch. You can think of Sendoff as the Uber Black for funerals.

Currently, the app is available for use in Gauteng on the Google Play store but plans to expand its offering to Apple iOS and Huawei App Gallery from 5 June 2021. The app is expected to roll out nationwide by September 2021.