cybervergent rebrands to tackle africas evolving cyber threat landscape

  • 02 Nov 2023
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cybervergent rebrands to tackle africas evolving c

Leading cybersecurity company Infoprive recently rebranded as Cybervergent during the Nigeria Fintech Week. This strategic move aims to expand its security solutions by leveraging AI and machine learning amid rising cybercrime.
As internet access grows in Africa, so do cyber threats. Recent incidents have cost an estimated $3.5-$4 billion, with banks, fintechs, and telecoms like MTN impacted.
With risks evolving, cybersecurity must innovate. Infoprive has rebranded as Cybervergent to revolutionise the landscape with automated, integrated protection.
Formerly focused on consulting and assessments, Cybervergent is now a pioneering tech company dedicated to transforming African cybersecurity using AI/ML. This empowers businesses to protect networks, data, and apps from threats proactively.
At the fintech event, CEO Adetokunbo Omotosho stressed the importance of securing client data to maintain trust. This allows fintechs to keep innovating and scaling securely amid rising dangers. He said the rebrand will help prevent massive losses as IoT and e-commerce growth continues.
Cybervergent converges data privacy, security, and compliance into one automated platform. Omotosho stated, It represents the convergence of technology, leadership, and commitment to safeguarding African businesses digitally, starting in Nigeria.
With our refreshed identity, Cybervergent will evolve cybersecurity by offering comprehensive, integrated solutions to combat threats and enhance resilience, he added.
The strategic rebrand positions Cybervergent as an all-in-one cybersecurity company set to transform the landscape. With its experts, it will provide tailored, automated protection for critical assets and data.
This aligns with the companys commitment to pioneering Africas cybersecurity future through innovation, automation, and scaled solutions. Simplified, integrated platforms can make robust security achievable for businesses, especially smaller ones with limited resources.
As connectivity spreads across Africa, proactive efforts like Cybervergents will be crucial to building digital trust and preventing breaches before they occur. However, success requires awareness and training alongside technology. Holistic cybersecurity combines vigilant human elements with AI-enabled tools.
Cybervergent represents the next generation of African cybersecurity. By evolving to meet new challenges, it can spearhead automated protection for the continents growth sectors. With strategic partnerships, it can make comprehensive security a reality for organisations of all sizes.

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