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epilepsy affects 1 in every 100 south africans 👁 335

National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 In recognition of National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 the Neurological Association of South Africa NASA is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding epilepsy and creating an understanding of the condition affecting approximately 1 in 1

alarming rise in teenage pregnancies pregnancy week 6-10 february 👁 198

Despite a global decline in adolescent 15 19 years birthrates South Africa is witnessing a distressing surge in teenage pregnancies. During Pregnancy Awareness Week 6 10 February the South African Society of Psychiatrists SASOP emphasises the critical mental health impact on teenage m

business for change: a comprehensive roadmap to sustainable hiv/aids awareness and pr 👁 237

By Rowen Govender Academic Head School of Healthcare Management at Regent Business School Amidst the intricate tapestry of South Africa where the pervasive spectre of the HIV/AIDS crisis casts a formidable shadow over countless lives businesses find themselves standing at a pivotal crossr

embracing the power of pink: rosebank mall's pink run raises r50,000 for cansa 👁 175

In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion Rosebank Malls 5KM Pink Run held in partnership with the CANSA Organisation left a trail of inspiration and hope as it unfolded on a beautiful morning in the heart of Rosebank. Muhammad Varachia General Manager of Rosebank Mall shared his

b-well collaborates with cansa to create the smart choice cookbook, packed with cance 👁 370

Cape Town October 2023 In the quest for a healthier lifestyle small changes in your diet can make all the difference. By changing something as simple as your cooking oil you may reduce your risk of getting certain cancers. Throughout the month of October in alignment with Cancer Awarene

engen driver wellness in the spotlight this transport month 👁 209

Engen Driver Wellness again takes the front seat this October ensuring that truck driver health and wellness and road safety in general is prioritised. In partnership with Trucking Wellness Engen Driver Wellness will offer free voluntary health screenings to all commercial truck drivers at

navigating the future of south african healthcare: a reflection on the nhi fund and b 👁 235

By Dr Nivisha Parag Head of Healthcare Management Studies at Regent Business School In an era of constant transformation within the healthcare sector it is crucial to pause and reflect on the profound changes shaping the future of healthcare in South Africa. Recently Dr Nivisha Parag from

rising diabetes threatens vision loss 👁 224

In South Africa diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and the loss of vision due to diabetic eye complications is on the rise. According to the International Diabetes Federation more than 4.4 million people between the ages of 20 and 79 are living with diabetes in South Africa and the nu

unveiling the ultimate diabetes handbook at somerset mall 👁 238

Somerset Mall is gearing up to host an inspiring event that promises to empower those on a diabetes journey. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the updated edition of the renowned book The Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Handbook. Co authors Vickie de Beer and Kath Megaw will guide attendees on

laager rooibos and dietician mbali mapholi bring innovative solution to heart health 👁 152

Laager Rooibos and dietician Mbali Mapholi bring innovative solution to heart health this Heart Awareness Month With September marking the start of Heart Awareness Month in South Africa theres a spotlight once again on the burden of heart related conditions in South Africa. Laager Rooibos an

adhd: lack of knowledge and funding major barriers to diagnosis 👁 163

4th Southern African Multidisciplinary ADHD Congress Virtual 30 August 2 September 2023 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is the most common psychiatric disorder in children affecting approximately 1 in 20 and follows about 65 of them into adulthood affect

mental and physical health: a complex interplay 👁 261

JOHANNESBURG July 21st 2023 Among the common major mental health issues and changes that have seen in South Africa over the last few years are depression and schizophrenia. The increase that we ve seen in recent years was probably aggravated by the social isolation brought about by the lockd

futurelife shares smart cafe smoothie recipe that has customers tongues wagging 👁 197

It has been an exciting few weeks since the opening of the FUTURELIFE concept store at Oceans Mall and the response from customers has been nothing short of remarkable. According to Mark Bunn Managing Director of FUTURELIFE the official launch event generated positive feedback from influenc

antidepressants and the myths of depression 👁 183

More than a quarter of South Africas population suffers from depression yet only 1 in 4 seek the necessary help. During Mental Illness Awareness Month July the South African Society of Psychiatrists SASOP emphasises that the stigma associated with mental illness as well as the misconcepti

breastfeeding wellness workshop 👁 217

Many women become a parent for the first time and feel that they know next to nothing about breastfeeding Perhaps some women even feel that breastfeeding should just happen naturally on its own and if it doesnt then something must be wrong with them this is simply not true all moms need some help

keep your health in check 👁 214

4 Reasons Why We All Need Regular Basic Health Checks Life is busy a never ending balancing act filled with countless distractions that constantly vie for our attention. Everyone and everything else is a priority and amidst this chaos we tend to overlook one crucial aspect our health.

business as usual for mental health is not good enough 👁 184

Health economists estimate that unaddressed mental health conditions cost the South African economy R161 billion per year due to lost days of work presenteeism being at work but unwell and premature mortality. In the Mental State of the World 2022 report South Africa scored the lowest

raising awareness about schizophrenia 👁 257

Schizophrenia is now manageable thanks to current medical progressJOHANNESBURG June 12th 2023 The Hollywood and other popular media have arguably turned schizophrenia into one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented of all mental conditions. The complexity of schizophrenia and the f

leading the healthcare revolution ethically 👁 164

By Dr Nivisha Parag Head of Healthcare Management Studies at Regent Business School As healthcare becomes more complex and technology advances it is crucial that leaders in the industry lead ethically to ensure the best possible outcomes for both patients and providers. This means approa

world pulmonary hypertension day: pay attention and act fast 👁 164

JOHANNESBURG May 11th 2023 Pulmonary Hypertension PH is a rare lung disorder in which the blood vessels in the lungs narrow and the pressure in the pulmonary arteries which carry blood from your body to the lungs rises far above normal levels.There are five groups of PH including pulmo