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making informed choices: navigating fitness supplements with confidence 👁 82

by Andy Moore Research Development and Quality Control Manager at NPL In the arena of fitness supplements the quest for optimal performance and results often leads individuals down a maze of flashy labels and enticing promises. Among the myriad options understanding the distinction bet

priotising employee wellness: durban bpo introduces in-house dis-chem clinic 👁 92

Leading the way in corporate wellness Durban based BPO company Rewardsco has become the first corporate in KwaZulu Natal and the second in South Africa to offer an in house Dis Chem pharmacy exclusively for its employees. This innovative initiative in collaboration with Kaelo Health Insu

unveiling the truth behind creatine monohydrate 👁 242

Fitness fads and supplement aisles can seem like an unfathomable labyrinth one compound has stood the test of time as both revered and reviled Creatine Monohydrate. For decades this substance has been the subject of scrutiny myth and misinformation. However amidst the noise scientific resea

a journey towards the elimination of cancer 👁 159

JOHANNESBURG May 20th 2024 While cancer may not be a thing of the past in the very near future pharmacological science advancements have intensified their efforts targeting one of humanity s most formidable adversaries with precision. Several forms of cancer are already manageable as chronic

total ninja is now a discovery vitality points - linked fitness facility 👁 109

Total Ninja South Africa Africas largest Inflatable and Obstacle Park is proud to announce that is now a Discovery Vitality points linked fitness facility. This initiative marks a significant milestone for Total Ninja as the business continues to lead the way in family entertainment and wellness

a journey towards the elimination of cance 👁 183

JOHANNESBURG May 20th 2024 While cancer may not be a thing of the past in the very near future pharmacological science advancements have intensified their efforts targeting one of humanity s most formidable adversaries with precision. Several forms of cancer are already manageable as chronic

what is our right to health? world health day 7 april 👁 597

Access to healthcare is a basic human right but achieving the healthy nation that South Africa needs for productivity and economic growth will take more than universal free healthcare. Social determinants of health such as lifestyle choices diet exercise and substance use play a crucia

early-onset cancer risk 👁 649

JOHANNESBURG March 22nd 2024 There has been a marked increase in early onset cancer particularly amongst Millennials. Age risk factors have lowered from an average age of fifty years two decades ago to an alarming and emerging group twenty five to twenty nine year olds where cancer rates

navigating mental health challenges in african traditional settings 👁 211

Navigating mental health challenges in African traditional settings South Africa Last year Fort Hare Universitys Psychiatric Nursing department found that not only was the countrys growing mental health crisis exacerbating the countrys substance and rising suicide levels but it was a majo

frequent testing for prostate cancer remains critical 👁 571

JOHANNESBURG March 11th 2024 Mens healthcare should be under the spotlight more often said Vanessa Snow Head of Medical Affairs at Janssen South Africa. Differences between the sexes mean that men are more likely to suffer from a variety of conditions. Challenges that men are most likely to

preventing blindness: world glaucoma week 10 - 16 march 👁 2054

Glaucoma a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve essential for good vision is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in Africa affecting more than 6 million people. Shockingly only 1 in 20 are aware they have glaucoma and 50 will be blind in one eye by the time

psoriasis and ethnic diversity by: ahmed el hofy general manager for south africa for 👁 455

JOHANNESBURG February 21st 2024 Psoriasis a chronic skin condition affecting millions worldwide has long been a topic of concern in the medical community in that no cure has been discovered although there are various options available to lessen its symptoms.1 Characterized

epilepsy affects 1 in every 100 south africans 👁 427

National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 In recognition of National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 the Neurological Association of South Africa NASA is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding epilepsy and creating an understanding of the condition affecting approximately 1 in 1

alarming rise in teenage pregnancies pregnancy week 6-10 february 👁 294

Despite a global decline in adolescent 15 19 years birthrates South Africa is witnessing a distressing surge in teenage pregnancies. During Pregnancy Awareness Week 6 10 February the South African Society of Psychiatrists SASOP emphasises the critical mental health impact on teenage m

business for change: a comprehensive roadmap to sustainable hiv/aids awareness and pr 👁 326

By Rowen Govender Academic Head School of Healthcare Management at Regent Business School Amidst the intricate tapestry of South Africa where the pervasive spectre of the HIV/AIDS crisis casts a formidable shadow over countless lives businesses find themselves standing at a pivotal crossr

embracing the power of pink: rosebank mall's pink run raises r50,000 for cansa 👁 267

In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion Rosebank Malls 5KM Pink Run held in partnership with the CANSA Organisation left a trail of inspiration and hope as it unfolded on a beautiful morning in the heart of Rosebank. Muhammad Varachia General Manager of Rosebank Mall shared his

b-well collaborates with cansa to create the smart choice cookbook, packed with cance 👁 458

Cape Town October 2023 In the quest for a healthier lifestyle small changes in your diet can make all the difference. By changing something as simple as your cooking oil you may reduce your risk of getting certain cancers. Throughout the month of October in alignment with Cancer Awarene

engen driver wellness in the spotlight this transport month 👁 292

Engen Driver Wellness again takes the front seat this October ensuring that truck driver health and wellness and road safety in general is prioritised. In partnership with Trucking Wellness Engen Driver Wellness will offer free voluntary health screenings to all commercial truck drivers at

navigating the future of south african healthcare: a reflection on the nhi fund and b 👁 305

By Dr Nivisha Parag Head of Healthcare Management Studies at Regent Business School In an era of constant transformation within the healthcare sector it is crucial to pause and reflect on the profound changes shaping the future of healthcare in South Africa. Recently Dr Nivisha Parag from

rising diabetes threatens vision loss 👁 306

In South Africa diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and the loss of vision due to diabetic eye complications is on the rise. According to the International Diabetes Federation more than 4.4 million people between the ages of 20 and 79 are living with diabetes in South Africa and the nu