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regent business school alumnus wins global educator award at edtalk world conference 👁 78

Regent Business School alumnus Denagran Reddy has been recognised as the Emerging Educator of the Year in the prestigious Ed Falcon Global Awards at the EdTalk World Conference held on 22 and 23 February 2024 in New Delhi India. Reddys achievement underscores the pivotal role Regent Business Sch

unlocking the potential of business school graduates by equipping them with 'plug and 👁 180

By Hoosen Essof Head of Employability at Regent Business School The demand for highly skilled and adaptable professionals has never been greater. As businesses navigate the complexities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4IR and the Digital Era they require graduates equipped not only w

regent business school hosts thought-provoking webinar unveiling insights from nation 👁 230

In the wake of the annual Budget address delivered by South Africas Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana on 21 February Regent Business School took the helm in fostering an illuminating webinar. This hybrid gathering spearheaded by the schools respected Dean Dr Shahiem Patel who is also

regent business school: a gateway to excellence for matric graduates 👁 276

Regent Business School A Gateway to Excellence for Matric Graduates Following the recent announcement of the 2023 Matric results Regent Business School extends heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the 2024 academic year to all learners. Navigating the path to higher education can b

shaping the future of south african education: the transformative role of emerging te 👁 219

By Dr Shahiem Patel Dean of Regent Business School The future is becoming increasingly difficult to think about let alone plan for. The vital need for education systems in South Africa to improve and meet the pressing needs of society and our economy only compound this difficulty. The rate

forging your path to success: regent business school's expert guidance 👁 247

Making the right career choices can be a daunting task especially for recent Matriculants or those contemplating a midlife career shift. But heres the good news its never too late to pursue your dreams or change your career path and Regent Business School RBS is here to guide you through the

building a strong personal brand in the digital age: insights and strategies 👁 216

By Prabashni Reddy Marketing Manager at Regent Business School The world we live in has become a hyper connected world a strong personal brand is not just a nice to have its an essential tool for professional growth and success. As the digital landscape continues to evolve the way we pre

business for change: a comprehensive roadmap to sustainable hiv/aids awareness and pr 👁 256

By Rowen Govender Academic Head School of Healthcare Management at Regent Business School Amidst the intricate tapestry of South Africa where the pervasive spectre of the HIV/AIDS crisis casts a formidable shadow over countless lives businesses find themselves standing at a pivotal crossr

celebrating 25 years of rbs - a legacy of excellence in higher education 👁 3870

This month Regent Business School reached a remarkable milestone celebrating its 25th anniversary. This momentous occasion is a testament to the institutions unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in higher education particularly in the domains of distance learning and private e

regent business school: unveiling gender disparity - breaking barriers webinar 👁 293

As Womens Month draws to a close its the perfect time to reflect on the progress weve made and the challenges that still lie ahead. Join us for a groundbreaking webinar that delves deep into a critical issue affecting our workplaces and society Unveiling Gender Disparity Breaking Barriers. p

regent business school's masterclass on demystifying virtual reality unveils the powe 👁 280

Regent Business School in collaboration with renowned Principal Consultant at Realm Digital Imtiyaz Mohamed recently hosted an enlightening masterclass titled Demystifying Virtual Reality Unlocking the Power of Immersive Experiences. The event aimed to provide participants with a solid foundat

regent business school launches transformative, free online skills development progra 👁 165

Fostering economic growth social stability and the overall wellbeing of a society relies on essential elements such as youth development and job creation. Regent Business School is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Level Up Initiative a free online skills development platform aimed