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van ryns 15-year-old potstill crowned worlds best for 2nd consecutive year! 👁 61

At the 2024 World Drinks Awards Van Ryns 15 Year Old Potsill Brandy was awarded Worlds Best Wine Brandy for the second consecutive year beating fierce competition from France Spain Australia and other South African prominent brandy producers within the 2024 World Brandy Awards category.

sa's hospitality sector a gateway to employment 👁 474

Africa Travel Indaba 13 16 May 2024 As South Africa grapples with a persistently high unemployment rate the tourism and hospitality sector could offer alternative routes to employment. According to the lt a target blank href https // article/south africas travel and touri

northern cape crime-fighting cop turns comedy star 👁 222

When the Covid 19 lockdowns had everyone sitting at home on their phones former policeman Warren Louw saw the opportunity to provide entertainment spinning his alter ego character Antie Katriena into a successful business.

what is our right to health? world health day 7 april 👁 541

Access to healthcare is a basic human right but achieving the healthy nation that South Africa needs for productivity and economic growth will take more than universal free healthcare. Social determinants of health such as lifestyle choices diet exercise and substance use play a crucia

preventing blindness: world glaucoma week 10 - 16 march 👁 2005

Glaucoma a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve essential for good vision is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in Africa affecting more than 6 million people. Shockingly only 1 in 20 are aware they have glaucoma and 50 will be blind in one eye by the time

new manifesto aims to restore leadership trust 👁 318

As South Africa faces a looming leadership crisis amidst upcoming elections trust in key institutions has reached unprecedented lows according to various studies. In response to this alarming trend there is a growing call for a shift towards responsible leadership to foster economic and social

budget 2024: pre-insights 👁 491

Prof Andre Roux is an economist at Stellenbosch Business School The annual budget speech is at the best of times a statement of intent in which economic and fiscal prudence competes with political expedience. When a countrys overall macro economic and fiscal position is sound it is relativ

epilepsy affects 1 in every 100 south africans 👁 376

National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 In recognition of National Epilepsy Week 13 20 February 2024 the Neurological Association of South Africa NASA is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding epilepsy and creating an understanding of the condition affecting approximately 1 in 1

alarming rise in teenage pregnancies pregnancy week 6-10 february 👁 239

Despite a global decline in adolescent 15 19 years birthrates South Africa is witnessing a distressing surge in teenage pregnancies. During Pregnancy Awareness Week 6 10 February the South African Society of Psychiatrists SASOP emphasises the critical mental health impact on teenage m

africas response to digitisation, conflict and sustainable management to be discussed 👁 367

At the anticipated 7th Biennial Conference of The Africa Academy of Management AFAM to take place from January 8th to 10th 2024 at Stellenbosch Business School in Belville participants from across Africa will delve into critical aspects of a shifting world context in the face of globalisation

conference to tackle challenges facing corporate governance 👁 1401

Insufficient corporate governance lies at the core of several societal welfare and democratic challenges spanning from dysfunctional municipalities struggling to meet service delivery needs due to corruption and inefficiency to disparities in the private sector such as wage gaps and collusive pr

gender-based violence statistics highlight failures of plans to address the scourge 👁 227

As South Africa engages in the last week of the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence campaign a R1.6 billion budget allocation has done little to stem the tide of violent crimes against women and children. Commitments at presidential summits on gender based violence and f

sa chatbot as efficient as a human coach for goal-attainment 👁 286

The locally created cutting edge software application Coach Vici is revolutionising the world of coaching assisting thousands of employees at the same time. This innovative coaching chatbot is transforming the way businesses and individuals set goals develop skills and empower teams all in rea

evan badenhorst appointed as anew hotels & resorts managing director 👁 266

Evan Badenhorst 55 a seasoned professional is set to lead ANEW Hotels Resorts as Managing Director effective from 1 November 2023. This appointment marks his transition from his three year role as the Financial Director within the organisation. Evan s career is characterised by an unw

rising diabetes threatens vision loss 👁 253

In South Africa diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and the loss of vision due to diabetic eye complications is on the rise. According to the International Diabetes Federation more than 4.4 million people between the ages of 20 and 79 are living with diabetes in South Africa and the nu

adhd: lack of knowledge and funding major barriers to diagnosis 👁 190

4th Southern African Multidisciplinary ADHD Congress Virtual 30 August 2 September 2023 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is the most common psychiatric disorder in children affecting approximately 1 in 20 and follows about 65 of them into adulthood affect

supporting women entrepreneurs can drive more balanced economic development 👁 258

In Africa while women make up 58 of self employment and contribute about 13 of the continents GDP there is a gender funding gap in sub Saharan Africa of US 42 billion R781 billion i highlighting the gender imbalance in support for women entrepreneurs. Locally some 21.9 of South Afr

women entrepreneurs tackle period poverty 👁 209

Women entrepreneurs tackle period poverty and create new jobs Women entrepreneurs play a key role in alleviating period poverty in South Africa for the estimated 3.7 million i girls unable to afford feminine hygiene products with menstruation related issues the leading cause of sch

antidepressants and the myths of depression 👁 217

More than a quarter of South Africas population suffers from depression yet only 1 in 4 seek the necessary help. During Mental Illness Awareness Month July the South African Society of Psychiatrists SASOP emphasises that the stigma associated with mental illness as well as the misconcepti

business as usual for mental health is not good enough 👁 207

Health economists estimate that unaddressed mental health conditions cost the South African economy R161 billion per year due to lost days of work presenteeism being at work but unwell and premature mortality. In the Mental State of the World 2022 report South Africa scored the lowest