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renowned sa botanist dr elsa pooley shares great spring and summer garden tips ahead 👁 178

Many are keen to create vibrant gardens with the arrival of spring but the start of the El Ni o weather cycle and the anticipated hot dry weather need to be considered when choosing plants. Renowned South African botanist landscaper and author of best selling field guides on wildflowers and t

bluetti unveils solutions to help africa tackle power outages 👁 226

BLUETTI unveils solution to help South Africa tackle power outages. BLUETTI a global leader in the clean energy storage industry has launched effective solutions to combat load shedding as countries grapple with energy crisis. Recently South Africa has been grappling with the pressing

spatial design - the crucial middle ground between architecture and interior design 👁 123

For too long South Africans perceived the design and d cor field to consist of two main career options Interior Design and Architecture. This has left a prominent gap in the market for the middle ground of Spatial Design. Although traditional design fields like architecture and interior

architects - creators of the future 👁 145

Many people think of architecture as work that happens on paper or in a computer program but the thought process starts well before pen gets put to paper or designs get created onscreen says Landseer Collen principal director and founder of BPAS Architects. If architects only opera

choosing the right international relocation specialist: ask the right questions by ia 👁 272

FEATURE ARTICLEApril 2023 Relocating to another country comes with endless checklists and questions but are you asking the right questions One of the most important decisions you ll make is choosing the right international relocation specialist for you. With so many companies out the

professional advice on seasonal pruning for perennial returns 👁 113

The right thing at the right time equals a landscaped garden with less effort and cost Even though winter is traditionally considered the ideal time to prune shrubs and trees to stimulate growth in the spring if it is undertaken as an all year round activity the results will speak f