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prospective car buyers set to benefit from strong competition in the pre-owned market 👁 230

PROSPECTIVE CAR BUYERS SET TO BENEFIT FROM STRONG COMPETITION IN THE PRE OWNED MARKET Pre owned car traders adopting hybrid business models make it easier for consumers to buy sell or trade cars Value for money choice and convenience remain top consid

engen puts driver wellness in the spotlight this transport month 👁 198

Engen Driver Wellness again takes the front seat this October ensuring that truck driver health and wellness and road safety in general is prioritised. In partnership with Trucking Wellness Engen Driver Wellness will offer free voluntary health screenings to all commercial truck drivers at

how can fleet managers reduce fuel consumption during this time of year? 👁 153

With petrol and diesel prices going down during this most difficult time of year January fleet managers need to take advantage of this opportunity and make use of fleet telematics systems with fuel management capabilities so they can take control of their drivers fuel usage and significantly re

road safety tips for the festive season 👁 151

The Festive season is the most challenging time of the year especially when managing a large fleet of vehicles. Other businesses are taking a holiday break but fleet managers are always on the go. Whether youre supplying your clients directly or keeping other companies running such as retailers

top 5 benefits of a fleet management system 👁 164

It goes without saying that failing to manage your fleet effectively can have a harmful impact on your organizations bottom line. A poorly managed fleet can hurt profits in many ways including through increased fuel and maintenance costs and increased potential for mismanagement. Effectively mai