tenderstem broccoli: the brand that's elevating south african palates with a veggie sensation

South Africans are developing an ever-growing fondness for this extraordinary vegetable, and its popularity is soaring in households. Unlike its plain cousin, regular broccoli, Tenderstem速 is the lush, luxurious, and leggy vegetable that stands head and shoulders above all others.

David Samuels, EMEA Brand Director for Tenderstem速, expresses his delight: "Were thrilled see the Tenderstem速 brand going from strength to strength in South Africa, envisioning this unique vegetable as a kitchen staple across the nation. The brand stands for more than just a name, its an assurance to consumers that they can expect a consistent quality that represents true value. For growers and everyone involved in the supply of Tenderstem速, theres a system of support that ensures visibility and sustained economic value. The benefits of the brand are felt from the fields, all the way to the supermarket shelves."

Available all year round and hand-picked for the finest quality, Tenderstem速 broccoli is a versatile, vibrant vegetable thats perfect for any special occasion or mid-week meal. As the name suggests, this brassica is tender, juicy, succulent and flavoursome from floret to stem, so you can eat the whole thing with zero waste.

Tenderstem速 broccoli boasts a distinctive and delectable taste, with succulent sweetness and slight nuttiness, setting it apart from bland or bitter varieties. Its versatility shines as it can be boiled, grilled, roasted, air-fried, steamed, stir-fried, consumed raw, or even charred on the grill.

A mere 80g of Tenderstem速 contributes to one's daily recommended greens intake. This nutritional powerhouse is rich in folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C, supporting a healthy immune system. High fibre content and a source of potassium further endorse normal blood pressure and a well-functioning nervous system.

Tenderstem速 Broccoli hosted its first masterclass event in Johannesburg on September 12, 2023. At this event, attendees had the opportunity to prepare dishes that showcased the incredible versatility of this remarkable vegetable. South Africans can now exclusively find Tenderstem速 Broccoli at Woolworths stores nationwide. It's a culinary sensation that promises to become a beloved staple in kitchens across the country.

Discover Tenderstem速: broccoli, but better. Visit our website at www.tenderstem.co.za for more meal inspiration and information.

Organisation : Tenderstem