starbucks expanded it's presence in johannesburg with a new store in sandton city

starbucks expanded its presence in johannesburg with a new store in sandton cityu

Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa ' Starbucks South Africa was excited to open its newest store in the heart of Johannesburg's affluent Sandton City. Launched on 20 November 2023, this store represents a significant milestone in Starbucks' expansion strategy, as explained by Starbucks South Africa MD Leah McCrae. "Sandton City, with its status as a financial and luxury hub, is the ideal location for our latest Starbucks store. We blended the global sophistication of the Starbucks brand with the unique character of Johannesburg to create an exceptional experience for our customers."

A Fusion of Middle Eastern Luxury in Johannesburg

The design of the Sandton City store was inspired by Starbucks stores found in the Middle East, introducing a luxurious flair into the iconic Sandton City. This design choice makes Starbucks feel like home for the hundreds of international guests visiting the shopping centre. The store's interior is an elegant space that is both modern and welcoming, embodying the spirit of Sandton City as a melting pot of cultures and styles.

From the plush seating arrangements to the artful display of coffee and merchandise, every aspect of the store's design speaks to an elevated retail experience, blending seamlessly with its upscale surroundings.

Tailored to the Sandton City Lifestyle

Sandton, often regarded as the "richest square mile in Africa," hosts many corporate headquarters, making it a bustling centre for business and commerce. The neighbourhood is also famed for its high-end shopping and fine dining. Starbucks' new store was designed to align with these luxurious standards, offering high-quality coffee and food in an atmosphere that complemented the upscale and dynamic Sandton setting.

"Our new store in Sandton City reflects the luxurious and dynamic nature of the area," Leah added. "We cater to the diverse needs of our guests, offering a space where business professionals can conduct meetings, families can enjoy a relaxed outing, and friends can gather in a stylish yet comfortable setting."

Starbucks Sandton City: A New Destination for Coffee Aficionados

Under the leadership of Store Manager Basetsana Manaka, a local resident of Alexandra, Starbucks Sandton City promises to become a beloved destination for both residents and visitors. Basetsana brings her personal journey and passion for coffee to the forefront, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. "My adventure with Starbucks started at Eastgate, and I am thrilled to bring my experience and love for coffee to Sandton City," said Basetsana.

An Invitation from the Heart of the Community

"As someone who grew up and still lives in Alexandra, I understand the importance of community," Basetsana reflected. "I invite everyone to visit our new store, where each cup of Blonde Roast or refreshing Frappuccino is served with a story and a smile."

Did you know?

Starbucks coffee is 99% ethically sourced and accredited by Conservation International under the C.A.F.E. Practices programme. Starbucks is committed to ethically sourcing coffee worldwide and including exceptional coffee from nine African countries ' Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Zambia, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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