outgrow the system set to spark sustainability debate

At a time when urgent action is needed on issues like climate change, resource depletion and social upliftment, the insightful Swedish documentary "Outgrow the System" gives voice to innovative ideas and on-the-ground experiments that question the economic status quo. The thought-provoking film explores new perspectives with the potential to positively transform our society and relationship with the environment.

"Outgrow the System" is set to premiere in Cape Town as a community event on February 8th, presented by Animarem, in collaboration with Workshop17 and partners, including the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Beyond mainstream debates, the film celebrates the worldwide abundance of creativity addressing the core of how we organise production and consumption. It envisions a united global movement backing positive pathways to building an economy that supports life.

Rather than resign ourselves to an uncertain future, the film shows us that there are innovative people around the world working to create solutions that offer new ways to create and sustain value within our planetary boundaries, remarks event host Tom Fels, founder of Animarem.

The screening will include a live, interactive Q&A with Co-Directors Cecilia Paulsson and Anders Nilsson, and is motivated by the idea of promoting essential discussions in the local business ecosystem.

In an ever-evolving world, systems change is becoming an inevitability, yet consensus on exactly what the best model and philosophy of our economy should be remains up for debate. What is clear is that we need to expand our thinking to grow a vision of a sustainable future together. In my opinion, the role of business leaders and entrepreneurs in particular should be instrumental in forming a life-affirming economy that meets our needs, but also responsibly champions the interests of future generations, ends Fels

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