hope is the most powerful armour for school leavers said st martins headmaster

While last years matriculants have ended a journey, its just the beginning of a new adventure, said St Martins School Headmaster, Warren Venter. He said that hope is the most powerful armour that students must be equipped with.

"We face a very uncertain world," said Venter, "and the underlying fear of joblessness in a country where almost 40% of the population is unemployed, and nearly half of the nation is under 35. It can spell confidence disaster for any school leaver."

This year St Martins expects to list several top achievers on the national results hit parade. "Academic achievement is key to gain university entrance, to position yourself firmly in the starting blocks for the rest of your life," said Venter. But he added that with diminishing prospects because of the current local and global climate, may dampen anyones spirit. "Yet, what South Africa needs more than anything is a new generation of leaders, of business people that can contribute positively to economic growth, that can help to heal our country in the many places that it has become unfastened."

Hope, he said, and sharing ideals, resilience or strength or resolve with our youth is so important. This years poll, the before and aftermath, the potential of South Africa amidst its challenges must be distilled and instilled. "It is our responsibility as educators and as parents to remain positive, to engender a measure of idealism and dreams for the future. This is how we can ignite our youth, because after school, there is a long road ahead in adulthood, and it should be a journey they embark on with enthusiasm."

Hope inspires students to set goals and work towards achieving them, even in the face of challenges. It nurtures a positive outlook, essential for mental and emotional well-being. This positive mindset enables school leavers to navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities, contributing to personal growth and success. "Hope is a driving force that encourages continuous learning and adaptability, key attributes in a rapidly evolving world," said Venter.

To nurture hope in children, it's important for teachers and parents to encourage realistic goal setting and to collaborate in establishing meaningful objectives said Venter. "We must help students cope with setbacks, promote a positive outlook and support their interests and passions. After all, we are role models and demonstrating hope in our own lives allows us to lead by example," he said.


St Martins is a reputable South African private school with world-class facilities, highly-qualified teachers and a notable alumnus. A beacon of excellence, St Martins offers students a holistic learning experience and has a reputation for outstanding academics, culture, and sport, as well as for nurturing students to make a positive impact on the world. With fully equipped co-ed boarding facilities, St Martins is trusted by parents from all over Southern Africa, to provide their children with a quality education from preparatory to Matric.

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