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Matric results are out. Universities are bursting at the seams. Unemployment is soaring, and the economy is struggling, but none of these challenges should change your career success story if you equip yourself with the necessary tech skills to future-proof your career.

The workplace is experiencing a massive shortage of tech skills around the world, resulting in soaring demand for tech-savvy individuals.

ALX, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, is offering eligible candidates sponsored access to world-class tech training and state-of-the-art in-person and online infrastructure in key digital disciplines.

Matriculants and youth navigating the job market have a golden opportunity to secure success by embracing sought-after digital and tech skills.

These skills will not only prepare them but also act as a launchpad, propelling their careers into growth in this age of digital transformation.

Just matriculated and uncertain about what comes next? A new year and youre considering a new career? This is whats next...

Not too long ago technological skills were as exciting as meeting the Grim Reaper, but today, tech-savvy individuals are the hottest commodity on the job market. Most roles today require some degree of digital and technical skills to navigate the digitally transformed workplace.

Whether youve just matriculated and are unsure about what to do next or youre struggling to find a job and feel like your skillset is becoming antiquated, upskilling yourself with in-demand digital and tech skills will help to prepare, launch, and grow your career, getting you ahead of the curve in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The need for top-notch tech skills is critical as Automation and Artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to significantly impact the next generation of workers. The World Economic Forum's "The Future of Jobs Report 2020" predicts that 85 million jobs globally will be replaced by AI by 2025 but also that AI can potentially generate 97 million new roles. In the most recent report released last year, the WEF highlights that AI and Machine Learning Specialists top the list of fast-growing jobs in technology-related roles.

With technologies such as AI rapidly transforming the world, theres a huge opportunity for our youth between the ages of 18-34 to reimagine their futures, their potential is in high demand. Accessible and affordable tech training, such as the programmes we offer at ALX, can quickly transform the skill set of our youth and open doors to careers both in SA and globally, says Divesh Sooka, General Manager ALX South Africa.

Accessible and affordable world-class tech training

At the forefront of the rapid transformation happening in the tech-education space, career accelerator ALX is making tech skills accessible, offering world-class courses to equip SAs youth with the most globally in-demand tech skills. These include cutting-edge courses in AWS Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Salesforce Administrator, Back-End Web Development, Front-End Web Development, Data Science and AI Career Essentials (AiCE).

Varying in length and intensity, the value of the courses range between R57 000 and R 760 00, however, ALX is offering fully sponsored access to these programmes with all costs waived to eligible candidates, thanks to their partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. Only a once-off affordable administration fee will be charged ranging between R 3000 and R 8000 depending on the exchange rate at the time. This can also be paid off on a pay as you learn basis.

The six-week AiCE programme (no administration fee is required for this course) is the perfect programme to kick-start your career. Designed to provide the essential AI literacy needed to boost the career of entry-level professionals, this six-week programme offers a unique blend of knowledge, skills, and character quality development.

All of our programmes are designed to cultivate a holistic approach, helping students become well-rounded technology professionals and equipping them with both technical proficiencies as well as soft skills so that they can thrive in the future of work, says Divesh Sooka, General Manager of ALX South Africa.

ALXs programmes are fully online but offer flexibility. Learners can choose to study from home or make use of ALXs modern co-working spaces at their ALX Tech Hubs in Braamfontein and Sophiatown, Johannesburg. Not only do the Tech Hubs provide learners with free access to high-speed internet and stable electricity, but they also provide an environment where students can connect with mentors, industry professionals, and peers, fostering collaboration and innovation, says Sooka.

To date, ALX has trained more than 80,000 learners with an 85% employment rate and a 93% graduate satisfaction score, theres no time to waste to apply to take advantage if these highly regarded courses. Applicants need no prior experience, just access to a laptop and the internet.

Applications for the six-week AiCE course are open and will close on 30th January with classes starting in February. Learners interested in the March Cohort can apply in February for these classes. Registration for all other courses are currently open and will close on 27 February 2024.

Visit www.alx.co.za now to apply or to find out more.
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