celebrating 30 years of afrika tikkun's transformative impact on education: a journey of empowerment, excellence, and collective responsibility

The dawn of South Africas democracy, thirty years ago, coincided with the birth of Afrika Tikkun, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in education. Over these three decades, remarkable strides have been made in various aspects of our developing nation. Yet, challenges persist, especially within the education sector, where issues of inequality continue to demand our attention.

As an organisation vested in improving the lives of young people in underserved communities, we believe in the power of collaborations and partnerships in enhancing the quality of education. Instead of focusing on what our country can do to improve education, the key lies in our collective efforts. Young and old individuals, corporate entities, civil society, schools, higher education institutions, and various stakeholders must unite to contribute to the elevation of educational standards.

Celebrating Excellence: Afrika Tikkun's Top Achiever's Award

As part of our commitment to acknowledging and celebrating excellence, for over six years we have hosted the annual Top Achiever's Award. This year, we proudly celebrate our Matric Class of 2023, achieving an overall pass rate of 94%, surpassing the national average by 11%, and a commendable 60% Bachelors admissions rate. This annual ceremony honours outstanding individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication to their education and personal growth. The award not only recognises academic achievements but also celebrates resilience, leadership, and a commitment to positive community impact.

Investing in holistic development and education

Our holistic development model, the award-winning Cradle-to-Career model, equips our young people at every stage in their lives. Our Matriculants are no exception as they are further empowered through the concluding phase of the model, the Career Development and Placement programme. Young people in the programme who have shown exceptional academic prowess are awarded bursaries for their chosen areas of study. Through our rigorous selection process, we identify and honour those young scholars who not only meet the criteria set by our valued funders but also demonstrate an unwavering dedication to their educational journey. The Top Achiever's Award is a symbol of our belief in the transformative power of education and a means to encourage a culture of excellence among our beneficiaries.

Looking to the Future: Afrika Tikkun's 30-Year Commitment

As we celebrate 30 years of transformative impact, we look to the future with a renewed commitment to our mission. The journey has been one of challenges, triumphs, and, above all, an unwavering belief that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future. The next chapter of our story is poised to continue the legacy of empowerment, with innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast dedication to creating a world where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In conclusion, the transformation of our education system demands a unified effort. As we celebrate 30 years of our constitutional democracy and Afrika Tikkun's transformative impact on education, let's acknowledge the collective efforts that have shaped the lives of countless individuals and communities. Here's to the past, present, and the promising future that lies ahead.Top of Form

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