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SD Times news digest: Package Source Mapping in Visual Studio Code, Ruby on Rails 7.0 alpha 1, and Matillion Series E

sd times news digest package source mapping in visual studio code ruby on rails 70 alpha 1 and matil

Microsoft announced the first preview release of Package Source Mapping with Visual Studio 2022 preview 4. Package Source Mapping gives users fine-grained control of where their packages come from by mapping every package in their solution to target a package source. Package Source Mappings will apply to all project

types including .NET Framework as long as compatible tooling is used for build and restore. Additional details are available here . Ruby on Rails 7.0 alpha 1 Rails 7.0 alpha 1 offers new JavaScript answers, at-work encryption, query logging, and Zeitwerk exclusivity. The new version has a dramatically improved integration between Rails and JavaScript + CSS. Also, when users have a controller action that needs to load two unrelated queries, they can now do it concurrently through Relation#load_async. Extracted from HEY, the new version has added encrypted attributes to Active Record, so applications can offer at-work encryption in addition to the traditional at-rest and in-transit coverage. Matillion Series E The cloud data integration platform Matillion today announced $150 million in Series E funding, which brings the companys valuation to $1.5 billion. Matillion unlocks the data supply chain, accelerating time to value by delivering a data operating system that integrates and manages data at scale. "Enterprises need to effectively close information gaps by rapidly transforming operational data into analytics-ready datasets that fuel business intelligence, AI, and ML innovation," said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion. "With Matillion, large organizations are empowered with a data operating system that is purpose-built for the enterprise, enabling a broad spectrum of data users from data scientists and engineers to marketers and business analysts to make data useful."