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SD Times news digest: Azure SDK September release, Puppet shares future plans for its developer kit, and F5 acquires Threat Stack

sd times news digest azure sdk september release puppet shares future plans for its developer kit an

Microsoft announced the September release of its new Azure SDKs including one for C++, Go, and the Python Conda version, as well as Resource Management Libraries for .NET, JavaScript, and Go. Also, CloudNative Cloud Events for .NET version 1.0 has released a new stable version. Additional details on all of the highlights,

stable releases, and preview releases are available here . Puppet shares future plans for its developer kit Moving forward, the DevX strategy for Puppet is to build a new PDK while maintaining the existing PDK at version 2.x. Updates to the PDK 2.x will be limited to bug fixes and updates to support the latest Puppet gem, according to Dave Armstrong, a senior software engineer on the DevX team at Puppet in a blog post . Since its launch, the PDK has come to support the creation of more than just modules and classes. With each successive addition, the template and the packaging system had to support more dependencies, and these dependencies needed to be monitored and updated in line with Puppet agent support and things like security fixes, Armstrong added. This overhead meant the PDK couldnt move forward quickly in supporting the wealth of content our users wanted. F5 announces acquisition of Threat Stack F5 today announced their acquisition of Threat Stack, a cloud security and workload protection company. This combination will make it easier for users to adopt consistent security in any cloud by enhancing visibility across application infrastructure and workloads. Customers will have easy access to real-time threat detection and Threat Stacks proactive risk identification as well as F5s application insights and controls, accelerating the delivery of these capabilities. The acquisition is subject to closing conditions and is projected to close in F5s first quarter fiscal year 2022.