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Ethiopia construction technology startup ConDigital raises pre-seed funding for regional expansion

ethiopia construction technology startup condigita

Ethiopia construction-tech startup ConDigital , has raised an undisclosed pre-seed funding round that will see it cement its presence domestically as it expands outwards in East Africa. ConDigital was launched in January 2019 by digitizing the process of construction project management targeting consultants, contractors,

and their owners.

Back in 2019, ConDigital raised a US$25,000 funding round led by The Baobab Network and is now accepted to the accelerator programme. Disrupt Africa reports of a US-based investor accompanied by several other East Africa, Asia, and Europe investors. The funding will help the startup establish its presence in Ethiopia as it expands across East Africa.

As per the share in Shega, ConDigital has deployed two versions of three apps - light ConDigital projects focused on the engineering elements of all management construction projects that allow easy self-onboarding and use. The enterprise version covers all operational aspects of human capital management and other managing payments.